Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is Racism Over?

Indian students attacked in the Oz land has marked a new beginning of Racism it seems. The Indians are attacked not because they are under-developed or under-privilege; but attacked because they are superficial than the native Aussies, They carry iPhones, iPods which the Oz now dream of. Si has the definition changed for sure?? Seems so.

I was recently searching some of the Akon's best tracks (Not an Akon buff really, but liked his recent album "Freedom") & came across this song "Ghetto".

It's a heart-touching song & recites the flurry of the blacks who are often called neggas or say Negros! This just makes me thinking....why are they treated this way? Only because of their colour? Does black colour turns off everyone? Is it? People, no matter whites, browns, yellows prefer Black machines, mo bikes, cell phones. Is black a pride to charm only overpriced stuffs?
Racism is everywhere, India, South Africa,Australia & where not? And we all call ourselves educated?
It's a crime , a humanitarian crime, to shrew away blacks & the under-privileged communities.

And, in terms of Blacks, I think they have proved how skilled they really are. Look at Hip-Hop that rules the whole of American Continent? Who gave them this culture? The so-called 'Blacks'.

U.S. calls on nations for democracy. Why does it forgets that they themselves have never ever had a Black president before Barrack Hussein Obama? Why? Why doesn't any one dares to look into the eyes of Uncle Sam & ask them 'Why'? They had a very bad history of racial discrimination.
I was almost tears on the day when the now U.S. president was to sworn in; loads of blacks were crying of happiness that their sufferings seems finally over. A fact that U.S., who preaches 'democracy, has had the worst of riots in it's cities! So, who were they to comment on the 2002 Gujarat riots? In-born fights are a part of every house-hold; India lives peacefully & is the World's biggest & so far the largest "Secular" nation. The religions had grown up here & not taken up. We live peacefully & we ourselves are fools when we say we are not "One"! Why aren't we? Don't we all sit together in classes? Share thoughts? Work together? Don't We? Do we sledge our people? We don't. Does an Indian teacher ever discriminate any student on the basis of their caste, religion, colour? Then why do we negatively project ourselves as 'इंडिया में हर जगह जगडा है, जहाँ जाओ वहां'!! अरी कौन बोलता है जगडा है? हम ट्रेन,बस की सीट्स इसलिए बदलते हैं की हमारे पास कोई और सोसाइटी का आदमी बेठा है? या इसलिए की उसका कलर सही नही है?? '

I wasn't discussing India's communal divide earlier, because we are secular & not racial too, but why do we project ourselves as one? We have had people from all the religious & social communities siting on various posts. But, I did my Engineering in Rajasthan, they still believe in caste system & this is the reason the state isn't growing. We hamper our growth when we divide ourselves. Why do we allow empty-headed politicians to divide us for their profits? Any sort of Discrimination in any of it's form is condemnable & should never be supported by us. It is also counter-productive. Why is the African continent is suffering from drug-trafficking & why are most of the black suffering from grievous AIDS? Because we have pushed them into it. I really compliment Indians on this issue. When we see a foreign national touring our streets, we don't abuse them at all. In fact, we are always genial towards them. No matter they Blacks, whites, Yellows.

In 2001, the
European Union explicitly banned racism along with many other forms of social discrimination in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. But have we done enough?

This cartoon shows the present format of Racism in admissions, especially happening in India. Quotas if any apart from privileges to economically background people is also a 'dividing lines' policy.

May be a person from a lower class may be economically sound than an upper class guy! This happens really. I mean isn't this a racial discrimination if u reserve places for a person from a so-called backward class, no matter if he now from a sound family?

I spit on racial discrimination & I toast here that will never ever in my life, support any racial activity. I hope I abide by my promise here.

I don't even say I'm going to raise & make people aware about the ill-effects of Racism. I won't. Why should I? Books couldn't, Education couldn't. How can I? If you follow any racial suit, then never ever call yourself educated. Never, it's vein.

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Exprecstacy! said...

It's indeed revolting to see incidents of racial discrimination or any kind of discrimination happening. Education should make people transcend such mental walls and boundaries. Afterall how does being a few shades this side or that side on the color spectrum matter?