Monday, May 31, 2010

Internationalism.. A Realization Needed!!

I was listening to a Spanish song which I'm fond of these days. I translated it to realize the lyrics mean same what the may mean for an Indian singer. World's got the same feeling anywhere.
Internationalist!!!! I remember this word from the time, when I actually didn't know what it meant. Way back in 8th or 9th grade probably, my history teacher and I were having a discussion and then when he called me an "Internationalist" and asked me to keep it always there. I wondered was that an compliment, looking at the way I have been, I went home, and searched the word in my favorite mini Collins Dictionary, which I found in my Grand pa's dusty library (which, though got tore, still I binded it, because no one near me had it. Guess, Oxford lovers! Hah!!). The word was back recently when I was talking to a friend from Germany after long. We met when she was in India as a Tourist! This word just keeps coming back to me, anytime I have a new friend from  any part of the world and when I explain them what I have here, in this blog.

The word meant :
  1. The condition or quality of being international in character, principles, concern, or attitude.
  2. A policy or practice of cooperation among nations, especially in politics and economic matters.
 I was always interested in knowing, that any news in India, which our media persons are flooding our T.V. sets with it, does it really is of same impact in any other part of the world? Probably this is what made him say that. But, that was all in my upbringing. My Mum teaching me, world news mattering my father. Me born traveling different places in India.

The best thing about being an Indian is, you have almost everything here, and probably this is the reason India forms a sub-continent. India is home to almost all the religions in the world from eras to eras. It forms the biggest secularist state in the world. The culture and languages differ in every 100 kms you travel. You got one of the coolest place in the world; Home to Himalayas. You got deserts in the name of Great Indian Tar deserts. You got the rain forests in the North-East! Deltas in the Bay of Bengal! Home to one of the globe's Multi-urbane golden life cities like Mumbai, Calcutta. Darkest of villages in Orissa. India is home to all. Incredible India!

But, that is what I'm not actually talking about! I'm talking about Internationalism. The word.... In short we are One world; One people, divided by cities, districts, culture, languages, food and living habits. Which ever city you are, whether in Poland to Perth, California or Calcutta, Arctic to Antarctic you will find people with mindset you may have. Though these cities are miles away. In Ahmedabad or Amsterdam , you will find people who loves dog, pet dogs, who fear dogs, don't pet them. You will find people who Love long drives or who loves early mornings, or who wake up early. who hate parties, love parties. In short, any two Human beings in any part of the world may HAVE same emotions and feelings, just as I do, or you do!They may like what you say and think the way you do on a particular issue. Or may differ just like any of your pals( may have same vision like your friend).

Similarly, the Indians call their Mother "Maa", an Englishmen calls "Mum", an Urdu or Arabic probably would say "Ammi". The sounds the same.  Hello, Hola, Hi.. The feelings that comes out is the same. In African misty woods, when a person meets his/her loved ones, the feelings he/she goes through is the same like what I may go through when I meet mines back in India. Same from a person in any part of the world.Whether you in Iran- Indonesia, Korea-Kazakhsthan, India, America-Africa, we may find people with the way we think. With our similar likings, just like the bunch of people around us.My heart goes out for anyone suffering in any part of the world, because I belive that they go through the same ain as smeone around me may.

But, then I come across people, thinking, "Oh!! He is a Nigerian, Swedish, Spaniard, Japanese. He must be thinking different then us!" How can we be friends?" Well, my pal, u never know, he may be the one with similar likings as you have. A person living in a torn-ghetto in Africa may have same emotions and feeling for a particular subject with the one living in a castle-like house in America. People who witnessed 9/11 in America and the ones who witnessed 26/11 in India had similar emotions against terror. It hurts an Asian and European or an American the same way to see the victims of  earthquake in Haiti, as for a person sitting in other part of the world from Haiti. I fear dogs, I can't pet them, because I fear they may bite. I may have someone thinking the same in Dallas, America or Budapest. Many of my friends have dogs and treat them and love as their friend,  just like someone sitting in Spain or Japan would. Friends from Spain or Australia, or America, think , feel the same just Like some of my Indian friends.

In every part of the world, from North to South, East to West you will find people who love and think Like you or think like one of your friends. The color, is different, because of the climatic condition they have.
The language is different, because of the the way they have evolved speaking. It is different within the borders too. The food and beverages we have is different, because of the climatic conditions and the source oif food they may have. On an Island country or a county with sandy beaches, you will find people loving and having sea foods like Prawns, Fishes. One Living in deserts, try Camel's, Cow's meats.

That's the way world is. Earth cannot have same climatic conditions, same geographical strategies everywhere. They differ. So do the way people talk, live, eat, speak are different. BUT, the world is ONE. You will find people thinking the same way in any part of the world, similar to you, or may be your friends, family.

It's important to realise for everyone in the world. We need to learn and realise that the globe is not same everywhere, so is the way people live. But, that doesn't mean you may not find people with simliar ideologies in Iraq or Indonesia. You may have people thinking like you, or not going by what you think on any particular topic, just like your friends or the people around you. But, when I say this, I don't mean we stop loving our country and think only globally. Nationalism always needs to be there, but that doesn't mean we over- think in that perspective. What I want to convey is that we must realize and go by the face that every country in the world has people who may think like you or like your loved ones, or like your neighbor, or may be like your friend. Give it a thought. May be, this realization may end our global woes.


Nimit DJ said...

Cheerz to each word of the post!

supriyaa said...

Out of all yo rits this is and always will be my ppurrsonal fav Sash! and how i love yo fo that! i wish evryone of us could think like that... it touched ryt there.. in my heart.. and frisked my mind fo sure.. i like that i do!

Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

Thank you Nimit and Sup!! I'm glad you guys liked it. I think I wanted to put more to this. I think I still m falling short. Anyways, Thank you again!

shweta said...

Really good.....surprising u think big.........Good to c this......:)

Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

@ Shweta: Cripes!! Shweta Singh, my lazy-dazy pal read it??? n liked it!!! You made my day!! Haaah!! Thanks!! Glad u liked it!! :)

Anonymous said... need to write a book..share your thoughts with the world..

Greg B.

Nirav said...

Indeed a good one I agree with Greg go for a book or at least be a freelancing columnist... :)

Nirav G

Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

Thank you Greg! I'm glad you took time out to read it! :)

Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

@ Nirav: Thank you buddy, but it's an encouraging compliment, but I'm not that good yet! :)