Saturday, September 24, 2011

Globe is molting!

“Hi! Which is berth number 72?” – Sweet maiden voice rang my ear drums while I was still lost in this new book on IT Architecture.
I look up and answer - “The side upper is berth # 72. “
“Oh! That’s up! Gosh!” -  I just didn’t like the sigh sign on her pink cheeks. Her accent & her looks could easily tell me she wasn’t of Indian origin.
“No worries! We can change ours lady. Though the side upper doesn’t fits me in, but I’m ok! The side lower is mine”
“Oh that’s really kind of you to say that. But it’s fine”
She was probably taller than I was.  My concentration in reading was all lost once again and I started gazing out of the window. The golden lights of stations were quickly passing by, and so were the flyovers and creeks.
After putting her bag in place, ‘She’ climbed down and made herself comfortable on the seat next to me.
“So where you from?”  Backpacking in India?”
“Haha! Not really. Well, I’m from Poland.”
“Poland? That’s really interesting. ‘Cheshche’! Warsaw is a beautiful city and so are Polish people!
“Haha” Yea!  Well, I study here & thank you for complimenting Polish people.” India is beautiful country too, colorful & hospitable. What do you do?”
“I work in an IT company here in Mumbai, going home for weekend.”

..and thus started our conversation that lasted till Surat (station in Gujarat state, India) showed in. We chit-chat and then her pals sitting in the other bogie come ti check if she was set in the train, also join us. They make themselves comfortable, chais & greetings, music and then somewhere, we speak about the infamous uprising in the arab world. A passing comment just touches me ‘Nothing remains same ever mate.” Not even our body.  When we were kids we never had beards. Not just us, even the non-livings change. ‘ this was enough to spark thoughts in me. How true.

And lets realize…. World is up for changes yet again. Thank the increasing global use of internet which is bringing the globe closer with ideas from every part or Thank the ‘enough’ (read that louder within you..Kind of like.. Enooooooughhh to feel what I’m trying to say) and growing annoyance against state-corruptions, dictatorships, lack of governance or forceful governance. or thank the global meltdowns & turmoil.
Every part of the world is up for change now, just like a snake shedding skin to allow growth.
And, it’s important to realize for every nation, every citizen, people everywhere,  somewhere, somehow want it to molt.  This molting has happened in the past too and will keep happening even in the future. It’s a never ending procedure, and we witnessing that era yet again. Industrial Revolution, End of western imperialism are all result of this molting process. It’s inevitable. It will happen whenever the situation will be suffocating for people to survive, then will they show their dismay and strength to make globe a better place to live in. 

The present scenario is really interesting. There are few nations, which are looking forward to fresh aroma of life, and there are few, which are destining them to doom. The biggest example for later are Pakistan, North Korea, especially Pakistan. Pakistan was much better place to live in 1998 rather than 2011. Internal security, terror attacks every other day, growing extremism. This all because of rapidly crashing out of education & financial system due to extremism. Pakistani establishments have dug a grave for themselves by nurturing extremism & terrorism.

Let's Look at the news around the world these days:
India fasts against corruption, United States loses AAA credit rating, China’s billionaires double in numbers, Libyans, Syrians on streets and protests to bring political reforms & restore civil rights, Iranians abroad voices concern for restoration of civil rights in homeland, Ireland economy crashes, Spain, Greece looks out for bail out. 

Economic power houses today need economic reforms & the small nations need political reforms.
Global scenario is taking turns now. All the above, because we need changes! We, every one of us in every part of the world. We need new reforms, we need new governance; an environment where air is not suffocating to breathe.

Indians have been so much fed up of daily corruption charges making headlines daily and a significant rise in inflation. Lack of results by agencies against terror acts and infact sometimes accusation on the investigating agencies of being biased in corruption cases. Intolerance against corrupted ministers grew so much, that one old man of 80+ age raised a voice * demand for a quick and stringent anti – corruption bill, and nation followed the echo.

This can also be framed as a non-violent way of molting, a fact that Gandhian principles still can make a difference.  However, not related to what I’m trying to emphasis here.

Major uprising or as I’m using the word molting here, can be seen in the Arab world. Egypt, Libya, Syria are all up against dictatorial and undemocratic governance that has been tormenting their & their nation’s development. Libyans are fed up of nearly 45 years of dictatorial regime and unneeded restrictions. The air to breathe has been becoming suffocating for people in these nations.  Globe coming close through internet makes them realize they aren’t living in an environment which they deserve to. And why? Because, some guy has taken control of their nation is dictating them?
But, how long it lasts and what result it gives out is very crucial and important, because of after such unrest, the objective shouldn’t be lost. In case it does, then finding a solution is very difficult. Examples? De-unification of Korean peninsula that resulted in North & South Korea, Isreal – Palestine crisis, dismay in countries that were once a part of erstwhile Soviet Union.  

It is then important for nations with well – established institutions to assist the people of nations that are looking for reforms, without any selfish interests.  The latter is important, without any ego, greed or selfishness. Because, any shrewd process during re – establishment will come back to haunt them and everyone.

We have examples where such shrewd interests has actually caused globe disastrously. Afghanistan’s quest against Soviet’s troops in late 1980s where extremists mujahedeen were said to be supported & nurtured by nations like Pakistan & United States, came back to haunt them. Pakistan today is a completely paralyzed state infested with extremism & United States along with the world witnessed the most gruesome terrorist attack.  

Let us realize that an uprising against a present form of governance by people must be supported for a good cause.  And let us realize that people aren’t fighting today, it’s the governing establishments that actually are. So when normal people of this nations want a change, it must be supported and backed without any mutual interests.

If the world sanctioned Libya, it was because of Gaddaffi’s activities and not because of the people of Libya.  If the world couldn’t connect with Iraq, it was because of Saddam, & and not the Iraqis.  Korea would have been unified and there would have been no fear of nuke armaments from Korean peninsula if the then ‘well established institutions' (nations) wouldn’t have tried their own interest of governance. It should have been left with the people of Korea. Today the result is, North Koreans, afghans, & many other people in various different countries are living in a hollow world, deprived of even the basic needs. And, the problem is that the generations that are growing in these nations now, have never seen or understood what democracy is, what free thoughts is. They can’t even realize that they don’t need this kind of an environment. It's like an elephant being chained. An elephant can easily break the chain, it's an easy cake for it, but it doesn't. Because from birth, it has found itself in the chains. Elephant doesn't realizes he can break-free easily.
Today, Libya will go through a new process of governance. Glad that many ‘well-established’ nations are supporting the cause, they are funding Libya, but, important and very important, it shouldn’t be a derivative of ego, selfishness & greed.  Syrians are all on streets & facing harsh steps from Pres. Bashar Al Hassad who wants to ‘kill’ the uprising’ the whole of Syria wants to break free but is facing tough crackdown. Apart from sanctions, the people of Syria should be supported. Surely, Bashar Al Hassad will have to go.Sooner or later, Iran, North Korea will join the crusade for change. Russians are already rebuilding technologies & revitalizing back their economy.United States is chalking out plans to curb economic unstability.

Also alike Libya, there would be many small big rebel groups, and that’s common in every uprising. But after  the uprising finishes, each one of these groups wants to take the center stage. At that juncture, important that ‘well established countries assist in making the best for these nations, again without any greed or ego, share their democratic experiences, because if nation prospers, it will actually help these “well-established nations” like India, China, Northern America, western Europe also to prosper and so will the global scenario & economic standards. For all this, people’s desired governance is required & should be supported.

For a change, listening to Algerian song 'abdel kaider' that Polish lady shared with me. Holycow, can't understand a word, but music is enough to keep me grooving. Even the way these three singers sing, they bring tremendous energy. World is such a such a beautiful and great place to explore. Let us just keep it in our reach always.


Anonymous said...

Nikhil - all ur articles are fun and informative to read....and this one is no exception.....very well penned....

Anonymous said...

awanti-Its a thought provoking article,written skillfully and a complete solution for those trying to improve their G.K...!!

Anonymous said...

Aakash - I would love to see the arab spring spruce up surprises for the world and bring about reform and democracy in their peoples lives but i m afraid only more and more of islamic extremism and deep rooted religious way of living will become a part and parcel of these countries,a case in example is the new libyan regime which thinks of itself as an arab member rather than an african brother of its poor african counterparts..nevertheless it is a gud piece u have penned down,,informative and admirable,,and cud u furnish the details of the polish lady :P

Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

Thank you Nikhil Parmar & Awanti Shirpurkar. I'm glad you read it and appreciated it.

Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

Thank you Aakash Singh: Kind of you to read it & push in your feedbacks. But, as we just discussed on the chat after your comment here, that's what I have tried to point out here.
Center stage by undemocratic or extremist form should be curbed after such reforms. And only well - established institutions can share their experiences & assistance. The mass doesn't knows what & which direction to take & any wrong move losses out the objective of such uprisings.

Anonymous said...

Starting mein paddhke laga ki u felt in love with that girl and that blog is abt ur love :P :P :P

- Deepu Dombivli !

Anonymous said...

Your story begins somewhere and midway goes in the opposite direction. Dude, looks like you always have too many things on your plate!