Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pakistan on the 'Line of Fire'!!

Another Saturday and I'm back home after having a hot mug of chocolate at Freeze-Land cafetaria with pals. Freeze-land, my new hot-spot for the month! No ones at the flat, cousin's gone along with other members of the family to a Holi get-together organised by a family friend. He knows it's no use calling me as I always snugg off any social gatherings, after all I still don't know a lot of people here. So, I'm up again with my dinner table ready.

My fingers ready to exercise some buttons on the remote control as usual. I was back to my peculiar hobby while dining; recitating my finger-tips on the remote control of my television-set. Starting with channel No.3:-Times Now, No.4:-Star News, No.5:- Aaj Tak, now let me tell you one thing very remarkable about Aaj Tak which I encountered, I find it the most entertaining channel. Whenever I'm into boredom, I ususally switch on Aaj Tak, it just entertains me; the background sound, back-ground voice trying to add some aggression is just something outta a masala-packed bollywood flick.

 It used to be my favourite channel in High School. I still remember that evening while I was in Grade 9, the first time I encountered the channel when it was airing a coverage on the 'Tehelka Kand' of NDA government. It remained my favourite channel since then. Never missed any news a day, but I just lost hopes when once it made a coverage of a 'miracalous' driver who was driving an Indica Car in Delhi sitting next to the driver's seat. The channel covered anything it could on the basis of a video sent by some Call-centre employees who spotted the driver reading the a newspaper and no one on the driver's seat! The news anchor even went ahead saying that 'Sai baba ki tasveer bhi nazar aa rahi hai car mein. Kya yeh ek jhaado hai???" It was that day & till today I have never seen the channel with the difference.

While exercising my fingers, I stopped at Channel No. 6 Headlines Today. Refreshingly Different, it was broadcasting a live coverage of India Today Conclave 2009 where former Pak dictate and President General Pervez Musharraf was speaking.

My fingers didn't want to exercise anymore. After a long flow of time, I enjoyed a debate so much like never before. I started him almost half-past his speech. This was something very interesting. I really appreciate his intentions on coming to India to represent Pakistan at a stage when there is such a high-peak tension between the two nations after 26/11 and Pakistan quickly loosing it's shade as a stable state. Throughout his speech the General accented on building up a positive environment between the two nations and leaving behind whatever happenend in the past.

"Riingggg"...rings my cell phone. "Mummy Lagos Calling" reads my Nokia 3110. Its how I saved it. Mummy asking me about how I have been doing & all....guys know Mums & especially people knowing me well know my Mum, how much she remains concerned about me even at this age!! After Mummy's call ends, there's another one....."Soumya Calling"...Whoomp, my oldest & probably the closest pal working in Jindal Steel, Raigarh calls in.. "Hey Shashi! Did u get my VCD???" Talking about the same old 'Blood Brothers'(1990 release) VCD about which he has been screwing me from the time I came back from Pune.

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