Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ahmedabad and the foul stories!

This Write-up got place even in the Ahmedabad Mirror's e-Paper.

1.30 am and Ahmedabad is finally here. I peep out of the door of the 3-tier AC compartment of Ranakpur Express, and can see the train passing on the bridge over Sabarmati river. Next is Ahmedabad junction.

But, I love it. I'm back to Ahmedabad from a short trip to the Thar. Ahmedabad, where I was born more than 2 decades back, and now staying post graduation. Broad roads, Silent Traffic, cool Malls,..That's Ahmedabad! A metro city in India where you find the traffic police circulating safety norm circulars and Do's and Dont's, instead of looting your money away. A city where, crime is the lowest. So low, that chain snatching is something that police has in its top crime agenda to curb down. Yes, Chain Snatching, which seems normal for other metros. This is Ahmedabad, where women can be seen riding at 3 am without any fear.A metro city where, you have peace and security. A city rich with Vibrant culture, and house of literates, where you even if you accidentally bump into a guy on road (if his and your vehicle isn't damaged or hit), the other would just pass in a smile and move on.

But, Ahmedabad is still being remembered for 2002, and I don't know why. Whenever there is a talk about Ahmedabad, its for the two reasons; Busting economy and 2002. I don't understand how can people still tag it as a communally tensed area, where Human rights takes a beating. Let me put in a fact, if it was not Gujarat and some other state in India, It would have been almost impossible that a police official fishes out the truth behind an encounter. I wish to see that whosoever having a similar mindset about this city and state, reads it and changes his\her view about Ahmedabad. In fact,  according to the recent report published by a Indian Government agency, in Ahmedabad & Gujarat, every community whether major or minor, are most prosperous than the rest of the states.

Ridiculous! Really ridiculous to see how Ahmedabad is been portrayed by the media as a communally tensed city.  Whatever I want to convey here can't go light by looking me as a Am writing this, because, its just after My B.E. in 2008, I'm full-fledged living here. Neither I'm a Gujarati. I have lived in more than a couple of Indian states from East, Central India to West, so please don't doubt my credit-ability on this.

Believe me or not, after living in the likes of major cities and towns of India, i would call Ahmedabad the most peaceful and rapidly growing city, where public services is worth learn. The Police and the way government offices work in this city and state is an example to watch. Police? lol..Shashi talking about police? What about those fake encounters? And I would answer back to something like this as..What about the cracking of Indigenous IM group, responsible for Mumbai sub-urban train blasts in 2006, Jaipur, Delhi and Bangalore Blasts carried out by the terror group. What happened to the Police network of Mumbai, who couldn't crack down? What about Rajasthan, and NCR Police? Ahmedabad saw a serial blast and within 6 months, the ones who carried that out were booked to justice. Alos came out the long thread of terror carried out by IM in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore.

I cannot expect any other city in India, where a police official comes up giving you flowers or traffic police handing you a safety norm page, when you are not wearing a helmet.

What happened in 2002 was really demoralizing and worth condemnable, but lets grow up! Lets stop cursing this city for that every now and then. This only weakens it's secular fabric and gives enough reasons for notorious heads to carry out inhuman acts of terror in the city. Is this what every one wants? I have a question to put forward.. is Ahmedabad the only city that saw Communal tensions? Mumbai and Delhi didn't? Do we defame Delhi as a communally tensed city for the ones who were brutally harassed after Indira Gandhi's assassination? Delhi lives with the same community with peace, and I can confirm there cannot be other in Delhi. Mumbai? what happened in 1993? Do we keep reminding Mumbai of that?

Continuous talks about Ahmedabad as a communally tensed area is wrong and I fortressly withstand that. All the communities in this vibrant city is living peacefully. There was a time before 2002, when two big religious communities in the city were up heels to react to one other. That is gone after 2002. people have learnt that such blunders is harmful to the secular fabric.

I have had verbal discussions on this with quite a few friends many a times, who ask me about the city.  I hope they get the answer here.


Ashish said...

Hey buddy.. really appreciate what you have done here.. Loved reading the blog :)

Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

@ Ashish: Thanx mate!! M glad u read tht :)

Nirav Gehlot said...

This is good bro.. i liked it honestly.. Being an Ahmedabadi i will always withstand with remarks portrayed here.

sunita akoijam said...

hey shashi, i have never been to Ahmedabad. i have only heard and read about it. the people who go there, the so called "human rights" people, come back and said, "oh, its a suffocating city. too much suppression with lots of undercurrent tensions covered up by cosmetic surgery (here, development)!"
i do hope the city will soon be appreciated for its good sides rather then being pulled down for the bad memories. true, we should move forward and also we should heal the past wounds, then only we can move in real sense.
very interesting piece.

Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

@ Sunita: Hey..Thanx again, Sunni!! I always look forward to your comments dudette! Yea .. I know u never been here.. many ppl havent been here feel the same... becoz this is wat is potrayed..But, blv me Sunni, this is a real peaceful sity...development is always in air..but its so calm! Roads are so broad, u will nvr feel the traffic heat, then govt offices work like sum enterprise!!

Hope to see u here Sunni! :)

Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

@ Nirav: Thanx dude!! Glad u read it!! :)

RAY said...

Shashi..thanks for letting the world know the true spirit of Ahmedabad!

Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

@ Kiran: Thank u very much!!

nikunj said...

hey bruh can t do audio bloggin as well..coz i hate reading long lines..

Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

lol..shutt up Niku!!