Saturday, June 12, 2010

This time for Africa!!

My brain-waves taking me to jot down anothe write-up so soon.. I didnt expect it..But. its for a cause..

FIFA 2010 World Cup, one of the most celebrated global event has finally kicked off in the colorful South Africa! Its the first time its played in the African Continent, also known as the Dark Continent. Needless to say, Its a reason for every African to celebrate. Africans have always been known for smiling, midst any problem or trouble! They smile it all out with the punch of music and dance! This colourfull continent has so much to given to the globe.

FIFA, the world is watching Africa  which is considered to be the origin of human life. Africa, must be celebrating, and many natiions rejoicing and having a reson to smile. It is the second largest continent with the second largest population on earth. But when this continent seems so united. When we talk about Asia, not one country comes in picture... divided everywhere. Example lets take Asia, it sdidvided geographically with names. Like,  South-East asia, Central Asia, Gulf. Same with the American Continent, North America, Central America, Latin America. But, when it comes to Africa, everything seems threded under one roof, one name Africa. Obviously, this global sporting event is going to be a celebration world over, as it is in Africa this time.  Sports unite the world, Sorts unite and remove boundaries, we all know it, and have seen it in the past. It brings out the best of human emtions, far above races, countries, languauges.

And, the Africans, always dancing to the music, singing.. enjoying. I came close to Africa, when my father shifted there few years back to work in a global firm. I came close to the people. I came close to this fantastic continent with colorful people.

Although it has abundant natural resources, Africa remains the world's poorest and most underdeveloped diseases and viruses (notably HIV and malaria), corrupt governments that have often committed serious human rights violations, failed central planning, high levels of illiteracy, lack of access to foreign capital, and frequent tribal and military conflict (ranging from guerrilla warfare to genocide).

Notably, the major problem, Corruption, which leads to the exploitation of there own people. Africa is full of resources globe is counting on, but still the natives are suffering from poverty. Why?? The countries are allowing themselves to be exploited for money. They know, they're, but they do little, because the invaders are giving them money. Invaders? Did the writer here say Invaders? Yes! I said it! And you get it right, the commercial invaders, who are invading their wealthy resources and paying them too less for that. The local Govts. can do too less for that and why? Because, Whatever, they are paid in return, may be too less, but sufficient for them.

I was few months back watching, "Don't Tell My Mother", a travel show on National Geographic, where Diego Buñuel, the host travelled to few troubled nations. He was in an Africa nation, where he he could see he Chinese fishing away all the natural resource away from that country, and the locals working there in bad conditions as just mere labourers. One of my Morrocan frind told me the same happening by Chinese in Morrocco.  Thats really pathetic. Its the time the Africans must look at what they have, and what they getting. They in my views shouldn't be looking at small profits, instead of looking at long term profit, they must have for those resousrces, and for that , they need a uncorrupt Govt. 

Africa from over centuries, has given this world music, culture, dance, nature, and what not! And what the world has given them, is it justified? Lets forget what hapend in the past, the colonisation and all the world all over went through. Many countries have excelled out of it now. But, after growing up from all that, even Today, are we still giving this lovely continent what it desrves?

Africa, right now , surely will be in a modd to rejoice, and amidst the likes of super strong soccer teams, like Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain, I would want the cup to remain in this continent. They need sumthing to rejoice afterall.

Let's not forget, and always be up-armed to give the respeEct back to the lovely continent, full of lovely people. Even if we don;t Africa will smile anyways, it's always in them to smile, but we should give them what they desrve solely!

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