Sunday, March 13, 2011

Konnichiwa to the Land of the Rising Sun!

In the last company I worked for, we had an office in Tokyo, the beautiful capital of Japan. I usually got chance to interact with the Project managers, colleagues sitting in the Japan office and must say they are so beautiful people to friend up with, always warm and welcoming. That's from where I learnt the word' Konnichiwa', meaning a Hello in Japanese from one of the colleagues-cum friend. That's Japan, intelligent, intellectual, cultural, and hospitable.

But after taking a much needed off this Thursday, I reach office on Friday (March'11'2011) and google the latest news to realize that Japan has been struck by a massive earthquake measuring 8.9 on Richter scale, with a Tsunami warning. I remember just few days back also I saw a similar news saying Japan was hit by ab earthquake of some 7 richter scale(if i'm not wrong). To be honest, I couldn't frame out how intense an earthquake of almost 9 richter scale can be. By the time, I'm out for a luncheon with colleagues at 13.00 hours IST,  I watch people, stewards, all glued on the news channels streaming videos showing how Tsunami has hit Northeastern  island of Japan.

Japan - the land of the Rising Sun. Japan or as the Japanese call it - Nihon, is one of the culturally rich and one of the most wealthiest and technologically advanced countries in the world.
People of Japan have lived so much to the fact that they belong to the LAND OF THE RISING SUN, that they actually get up and defeat any event that tries to knock them down. So, true, the Land of the Rising Sun, where people actually rise to the occasion whenever there is a need. 

Today, Japan is again challenged by nature and we are all pretty confident that together can and they will again rise to the occasion and show everyone what makes them been called the people from the Land of the Rising Sun. They will rise, and get up again! That's Japan! 
And, this time they are not alone, the world is all with them, because we know what Japan can deliver and are confident that it will beat the heat it is facing post the Friday's devastating 8.8 Richter-scaled earthquake, one of the largest, that unfortunately also triggered a massive tsunami. 

Japan's geographical location has many times  been frequented with earth-quakes, and this is because the Japanese island is located in an area where many continental and oceanic plates meet. And, the people of Japan live up to this fact. They have been prepared always to defeat this natural calamity everytime it strikes them. Back in school, I used to read about the ways the people of Japan build their houses and belongings to curb the quakes. Japan's preparedness to beat this natural calamity has been outstanding. It has been in the past and many times, have faced massive earthquakes, and they have all raised themselves  to the occasion and turned life to normalcy.

Not just the natural disasters, the fact remains and the world still salutes the spirit of Japan when they actually resisted the biggest man-made disaster in the worst war ever fought on the planet. World still salutes the spirit with which Japan overcame the aftermaths of Hiroshima Nagasaki nuke bombing and made the world realize their spirit  when at once everything was thought to be over for Japan. I can bet each and every nation and the beings that know about the Hiroshima Nagasaki disaster still salutes a hats-off to the people of Japan. This island country on the pacific ocean has built themselves up as the world's one of the most powerful economy and culture. 

There are news that this unprecedented natural disaster has moved Japanese land by 8 feet. We also have been hearing the news about the blast at one of the nuclear reactors, and the leakage from them, as few generators supporting the reactors have stopped working post tsunami waves. The nuclear radiation and contamination is now a big worry for the island nation post tsunami-quake, and the nation, along with the globe is already concerned. As of now, the people  and the government's strength and courage in fighting the aftermath is amazing .

I don't know if any Japanese may be reading this, but we, the world, know and are sure of the fact, that alike past, Japan will surely defeat this unprecedented natural disaster. And please do note you're not alone, We all stand with you. the people of Japan and We support and salute your spirit to defeat any calamity that strikes you. Just like you have done in the past, everyone on this planet is  all sure of the fact that Japan will again emerge and rise more prosperous and strong nation than before. I (just another mere human being on this planet) am sure many people from  every corner of this planet have good wishes for you in their prayers, because we believe you have proved and  you are the people from the land of the Rising SUN, and will RISE just like the beautiful sun rises AFTER dark! Globe's wishes are always with you!

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