Thursday, May 28, 2009

Archiekins finally to propose!!

My Favorite comic character has finally decided to settle down!! Ya..I know this is no social issue, but it's Archie!!!! My favorite! How can I forget those days of keeping Archie comics between my study books & reading them, hiding from Mummy!!! It's a big news for me & loads of Archie fans.....

So, the age-old love triangle of Archie comics has finally been broken, after Riverdale's ultimate Andrews picked the vixen Veronica over girl-next-door Betty to be his wife.

So what if Betty was a blonde, loyal and kind- when it came to popping the question Archie chose the raven-haired, charming and rich Veronica.

According to what I read on after 67 years of being in a dilemma, Archie is all set to tie the knot with the vixen-a choice that left many Archie comic fans in gasps.

Archie Comic Publications announced on May 27 that the flighty redhead from Riverdale picked Veronica over Betty Cooper.

Already in mid-May, the publisher sent speculation swirling when it announced a special marital-themed storyline for release in August, but didn't reveal the lucky lady.

The wedding will take place after the gang graduate from college, and venture out into the working world.

However, the response to the proposal has been markedly divided-Betty fans like me, are outraged that the girl next door has been ditched yet again for the beautiful, yet spoilt, Ronnie. :(

While many fans are questioning whether Archie should marry at all, because it could mean a possible end to the enduring comic-book soap opera.

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