Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The 5-Second-Rule!!!!

What??? you haven't heard of it..??? Shame on you!!!

He He...It' Okay.. I hadn't either.....until yesterday!!

It’s a funny story!! But this is how few things that happens in life gesture us our rules!! Well, here is how it goes...

This one hot afternoon yesterday, one piece of potato flakes jumped off the wrapper of the potato chips, and my friend who was sharing the packet with me, picked it right off the floor and put it in his mouth without giving another thought!

I was could do nothing, but just stare at him with despair, because one of the first etiquette you learn in any school is 'Dont you dare pick up any eatable that's fallen on earth, despite it even being your most favourite.'
So, while feeding himself with that earthy flake, he suddenly looked my expression and said.. "What??..It's Ok.. Haven't you heard of the 5 second rule??". He paused..looking deep into my eyes...He then said.........."Anything that falls on the ground is safe to eat, if picked up within 5 seconds."

(Hey.. Hey.. Hey.. Guys!! Don't imagine my pal & me as Chickens!!!! that's silly, folks!! Its just a risible display I shared!! That didn't look too funny I hope!!)

Anyways, I was sure he was trying to make up for his impulsive action. I kicked his buns for this act.

But, I couldn't stop myself & did check it up today morning and to my surprise.....here is the link to the Wiki-page:


But, what if you eating a something jelly? Are you gonna apply the rule? Internet and google is full of these 5-second rules, folks!! And, all I can say is "What???" Any rule for an excuse!?!"
So... Life turns out to be so funny sometimes!! Blooming heck! we humans have excuse for almost everything on earth!! Did u guys find yourself in any such funny learning situation??? Phew!!! :D



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Shashi Shekhar Vyas said...

Did u find yourself in any such funny-learning situation??